Trump pays $25 million to end Trump U case – problem!


Just getting use to this system bare with me. Does anyone remember when Romney was running for President and he defended the position that corporations are people too and therefore deserved the same protection as individuals receive. So now we have Trump, an individual, using the same tactic corporations use when confronted with their own fraud, they settle, pay and admit no wrongdoing. What individual do you or I know who can do that? If we commit fraud we go to prison AND pay fines (ask Bernie Madoff[guy who created biggest Ponzi scam ever]). At what point are the powers that be going to rise up and stop this man? (1) How many students are getting money from this and how much will they get? Will it be enough to cover their loses? (2) How do they know Trump won’t stall and pay in drips and drabs? (3) Why isn’t he made to admit wrongdoing?